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Psychoanalysis  slc   Becky Bailey PhD:  I am a psychologist and psychoanalyst in Salt Lake City, Utah with more than 25 years of experience in treating a variety of problems including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and abuse issues. I am currently specializing in intensive psychotherapy or psychoanalysis to address problems on a deeper level, problems which may not have responded adequately to psychotherapy.  The techniques I use enhance self-understanding and are beneficial for relationship issues, entrenched personality traits, and reducing personal limitations. This method of treatment can be beneficial for children to intervene early in their life when they are more responsive to change.

Psychoanalysis differs from psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy supports the psychic structure that is already present.  Psychoanalysis permeates deeply into the core of the psyche and facilitates remodeling of the self.  This transformative method of treatment has been largely unavailable in the Salt Lake City area.  

Psychoanalysis is not for everyone.  This technique requires an enduring commitment to a deep process of change involving three to five sessions per week for a period of several years.  A capacity to bear the journey into one's own form of personal madness is an essential component.  Intellectual curiosity and the toleration of uncertainty and ambiguity are important facilitative variables. 

If you think you are interested in this form of treatment, you may wish to visit the American Psychoanalytic Association website Click here which provides more detailed information about psychoanalysis as well as additional references.

Training to be a psychoanalyst involves an additional four years beyond a Ph.D. for a total of over 24 years of education. 

My office is located in downtown Salt Lake City.  My phone number is:  (801) 521-6234. If you seek additional information about my practice or wish to contact me by email, please see my listing on the Psychology Today website.  Click here